Hello, Divergent fans. Katrine here AKA the owner of oh-amity. I know I just started this blog and I'm not very active. The reason is school. I really really need to be focus now. I'm in my third year and college is coming.

I'm not planning on leaving. Nope. I'll be back soon.

You can still find me on my twitter, @triseatons. I usually reblog on my other The Hunger Games blog which is

Warning my twitter is kind of my personal thing. I speak Filipino there so yeah. And I recommend you to not follow me because I do crazy things there.

Divergent movie will premiere March 2014 and I am so excited. I started tearing up. I will catch up on casting and news but I wont be blogging here on tumblr. Tumblr bores me now but I will be back. As you've already read, my twitter is open. But private. You can request though. I accept everyone there.

I will miss you, Initiates. See you all soon.

Much love,


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